Level Up to DevSecOps

Kieran Jacobsen

DevSecOps, or SecDevOps has the ambitious goal of integrating development, security and operations teams together, encouraging faster decision making and reducing issue resolution times. This session will cover the current state of DevOps, how DevSecOps can help, integration pathways between teams and how to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt. We will look at how to move to security as code, and integrating security into our infrastructure and software deployment processes. 

Evolving your Automation with Hybrid Workers

Kieran Jacobsen    

Azure Automation wants you to automate everything, everywhere. Hybrid Workers allow Azure Automation to reach new places within your infrastructure, allowing for more automation and less complexity. This session covers the basics of Hybrid Workers before looking at balancing workloads, managing resource dependencies, integrating with web hooks and monitoring job execution. The is a great session for anyone who is automating infrastructure or cloud resources.

Windows Sever 2016… Where do I start?

Chris Gecks                       

Take a journey of discovery as we learn all about Server 2016 and how to introduce it into your environment.

Remote Desktop Services in the cloud – let’s kill some pets

David O’Brien    

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) are still a very common way of giving users access into environments or apps. It is 2017 and deployment of infrastructure should be automated, scaling and healing and best-case, living in the cloud. This session will walk you through the process of standing up a cloud-based RDS environment, fully automated and repeatable. We will talk about security controls, how to automate RDS and what to look out for when building RDS in the cloud and trying to minimise the number of pets you’ve got.

Git for the IT Pro

David O’Brien    

Version and Source Control for the IT Pro. What is it? Why should you use it? Why is it really not that hard and how it will save your butt. This session will walk you through the process of setting up a hosted source control repository and show how to manage this code repository both from the UI and especially the command line. This session is ideally very hands on, so bring your laptops with you!


ConfigMgr in the Cloud – Everything You Need to Know

James Bannan

ConfigMgr is now fully supported to run in Azure, but architecting in Azure isn’t the same as on-premises, and it’s an environment which is constantly evolving.  In this session, we’ll look at everything you need to know from an architectural perspective to ensure that your Azure-based deployment of ConfigMgr is robust, whilst avoiding all the gotchas. We will perform a fully automated template-based build of ConfigMgr, and show you how you can easily set up a test/dev environment.

Under the Hood: Azure DevTest Labs Deep Dive    

James Bannan   

Azure DevTest Labs enables you present a controlled sandbox environment for your developers and business units. In this session we will dive in to how DevTest Labs works within Azure Resource Manager and how to control each environment with ARM Policies and Role Based Access Control.

Project Management in the Cloud         

Edge Pereira      

Australia’s own Sunshine Coast: Surf, quality of life, sunny days and now add to that project portfolio management in Office 365. Let’s discuss their journey, from Excel to Project and then to Project Online plus Azure and next taking it up to the next level using PowerApps and Flow.

Discover & Control SaaS Application Usage with Microsoft Cloud App Security      

Jeff Alexander   

In this increasingly cloud and mobile world, users are using more and more SaaS applications to remain productive at work. This has created a gap for IT in not having visibility and control over the use of these 3rd party applications. In this session we will cover how Microsoft Cloud App Security can give IT departments visibility and control of these applications while empowering their users to remain productive. We will cover an overview of what Cloud App Security is, the architecture, deployment recommendations and common blockers.

Learn how Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics combats persistent threats

Jeff Alexander   

In this session Jeff Alexander will go over what Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, how it detects and combats cybersecurity threats. This session will also include live demo’s of attacks and getting into the mindset of an attacker throughout the attack kill chain.

Hands on Session with Surface Hub.

Aaron Whittaker              

Come and experience everything regarding Surface Hub. Hands on demonstrations will be available.

Security and why it matters

Wade Alcorn     

This is a high level presentation (with dips into cool tech) on issues faced by Australian boards, the C-level and policy makers. Come along to understand how to communicate technical and security challenges in management language. 

Patch Management Best Practice. A real world guide to patching via Microsoft WSUS and ConfigMgr

Brett Moffett    

We all hate the monthly grind of reviewing, testing and deploying patches, but not deploying them can have wide reaching and even very expensive consequences.

In this session we will discuss the options we have, what are the ramifications of not patching, what is the best way to go about it and even what specific settings we should use.

Hopefully we can take some of the pain out of your Patch Tuesday’s and provide value back to your business to explain to your boss why this is so important.

Bring along your security team if you like. This involves them as much as you.

A Web Console for ConfigMgr. The best thing that’s happened to ConfigMgr since ADR’s!

Brett Moffett

For over 20 years ConfigMgr admins have been tied to their console and unable to provide first or second level support staff with access to deploy apps for fear of then deploying to the wrong collection.

A solution is at hand!

The Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager introduces a Web Based portal for Configuration Manager admins to do all the work they need without being at a computer with the console installed. It also allows admins to grant support groups access to deploy defined items to defined collections to avoid the risk of catastrophic error.

In this session, we will take a deep look at the portal, what it can do, how much time and money it can save you and the direction it will take in the future.

Join me to see the greatest thing that has happened to ConfigMgr since Automatic Deployment Rules.